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Teaching Family Members in Tagalog

Family is very important to the Filipino culture. Learning the names of the family members is something we innately taught the kids as we addressed them as “Ate” or “Kuya,” “Lola,” “Tita,” or “Tito.” Here is a printable with Tagalog vocabulary words for immediate family members along with a fun puppet activity to practice. Get …

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Counting 1 to 10 in Tagalog Here is a printable coloring book to teach numbers 1 through 10 in Tagalog. Click to download Mga Bilang Coloring booklet Here is an original Fil-Am Learners song to practice singing numbers 1 through 10 in Tagalog.

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Learning Shapes in Tagalog Here is an activity booklet to introduce shapes, or mga hugis, in Tagalog. It features nine basic shapes and includes the following skills: Reading the shape Writing the shape Using a shape stamp to match the correct shape Either finding, cutting, and pasting a picture or image of the shape from an …

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Daily Greetings in Tagalog

Daily Greetings in Tagalog Greeting people is a common and daily task. Learning first how to say common phrases such as “How are you?” and “good day” is a great way to start when learning a new language. Here is a printable mini booklet that teaches some phrases to greet others. Click to get access …

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Colors - mga kulay

Teaching Colors in Tagalog (Mga Kulay)

Teaching Colors (mga kulay) in Tagalog: Worksheet activities Here is a 14-page lesson activity reinforcing colors in Tagalog. It is geared for preschool through elementary age children and can be used to practice in class or at home. Playdough Playmats Playing with playdough is an engaging sensory activity for kids. There are so many ways to …

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