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Being Thankful (Nagpapasalamat)

With Thanksgiving on its way, it is the perfect time to stop and reflect on what we are thankful for. In another one of our posts, “Showing Respect in the Filipino Culture,” we mention the Tagalog phrase, “salamat po,” which means “thank you” as a way to show respect to others. To express that we are …

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Filipino American History Month

It’s October! That means it’s time to celebrate Filipino American month. There is so much to be told and shared from the history of Filipino Americans. When did Filipino first migrate to the United States? How were their lives like? How did they establish themselves in this country? The Filipino American story, that is not …

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Showing Respect in the Filipino Culture

Respect is a very important part of the Filipino culture. We show respect to our elders, parents, grandparents, older siblings, relatives, friends, and teachers. Some examples of respect are: Addressing elders with “po” at the end of sentences Answering, “opo” to reply “yes” respectfully Calling your older sister, “Ate” or your older brother, “Kuya.” Listening …

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School Words in Tagalog

It’s Back to School season! We are starting a unit to learn about school-themed vocabulary words to kick off our season returning to school. Activity 1: School Tagalog Pictionary Our first activity for this unit is School Pictionary in Tagalog/English. It includes 18 pictured vocabulary cards to cut out. They can be used as flash …

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Travel Activities in Tagalog

It’s summertime and many people are traveling and going on vacation. What a perfect time to learn Tagalog words all about traveling. This post includes 3 different lesson activities with a travel theme: “My Maleta” Suitcase Transportation Board Game Taglish Postcard Jeepney Craft Activity 1: My “Maleta” Suitcase This first activity teaches you the vocabulary …

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Colors - mga kulay

Teaching Colors in Tagalog (Mga Kulay)

Teaching Colors (mga kulay) in Tagalog: Worksheet activities Here is a 14-page lesson activity reinforcing colors in Tagalog. It is geared for preschool through elementary age children and can be used to practice in class or at home. Playdough Playmats Playing with playdough is an engaging sensory activity for kids. There are so many ways to …

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