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Presenting our 2nd Bulilit Kit!

In collaboration with Little Yellow Jeepney we have created Bulilit – a ready-to-go kit with the goal of promoting Tagalog exploration through literacy and play!

What is Bulilit?

Bulilit means “small child” in Tagalog. The word, “bulilit” contains the word “lil,”the short form of little, for which these kits are geared to. The last syllable, “lit” is a common abbreviation for literature or literacy, which are main components of this program.

The arts are a perfect partner for early childhood learning because it encourages the development of language and exploration. While creative play allows young children to develop their own creative expression and imagination.

This Kit's Theme: Abakada (Filipino Alphabet) & Animals

Our 2nd released theme is about the original Filipino alphabet, known as the Abakada, and learning various animals in Tagalog through the alphabet.

Learning the alphabet is a fundamental concept for children as it is part of everyday literacy (speaking, listening, reading, writing). Familiarizing oneself with the Filipino alphabet  builds the foundation for making letter sounds, then words, and building sentences in the Filipino language. 

Through this Bulilit Kit, your child will be introduced to animals in Tagalog using the letters and sounds of the Filipino alphabet. 

Bulilit Kit Contents:
* Abakada Book (Written by Joy Francisco & Art by Jamie Ortiz)
* Abakada + Animal Cards (a laminated deck of 20 letters & animals)
* Wikki Stix (non-toxic flexible waxy sticks, the perfect hands-on manipulative to make many creations!)
* Oso’s Abakada Soup Craft
* A set of Abakada Foam Letters

This kit promotes the following literacy skills:

  •  Print Awareness
  • Reading and Listening
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Letter Recognition
  • Letter Sounds
  • Science: Identifying animals

Available for pre-order for a limited time at littleyellowjeepney.com. Bulilit Kits will be shipped the 2nd week of November.

We are taking pre-orders until October 30, 2020!