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Fascinating Fil-Am Figures

October is Filipino American History Month (FAHM). It was first recognized in 2009 by U.S. Congress. Dr. Fred Cordova and Dorothy Laigo Cordova, founder of Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) first introduced Filipino American History Month in 1992.

I grew up learning zero about the contributions of Fil-Ams in history and society. Only in recent years have I started seeing more stories and facts being uncovered about amazing Filipino and Filipina Americans. In an effort to discover more about the Fil-Am impact in communities and to celebrate FAHM, my children and I have decided to start researching and studying about Fil-Ams who have made an impact on our world. To help us organize our research, we have created and shared a Fascintating Fil-Am Figures Biography Report template. Feel free to download and use it to study along with us!

Growing List of Fil-Am Figures

Here is a (growing) list of Filipino & Filipina Americans to learn more about. (Feel free to e-mail or DM us @filamlearners if you know of more to add on to the list. Let’s work together to learn and educate each other about our fellow Fil-Ams!

  • Dr. Dawn Mabalon
  • Larry Itliong
  • Dr. Dorothy Laigo Cordova
  • Dr. Felicisima “Ping” Serafica
  • Victoria Manalo Draves
  • Thelma Buchholdt
  • Carlos Bulosan
  • Lea Salonga
We would love to hear about your learning experience. Feel free to inspire and encourage others by sharing photos of your Fascinating Fil-Am Figures biographies on social media. #fascinatingfilam