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Getting Dressed

Please put on your shoes. — Pakisuot ‘yong sapatos mo.

Please put on your shoes.(+2) — Pakisuot ‘yong sapatos niyo.

Please take off your shoes. — Pakitanggal ‘yong sapatos mo.

Which one do you want to wear? This one or this one? – Alin ang gusto mong suotin? Ito o ito?

Which color would you like to wear? — Anong gusto mong kulay?

Time to put on your pajamas. — Magsuot ka na ng pantulog.

Time to put on your pajamas.(+2) — Magsuot na kayo ng pantulog.

Let’s bring a jacket. It’s cold today. — Magdala tayo ng jacket. Malamig ngayon.

Do you want to wear socks today? — Gusto mo bang magsuot ng medyas ngayon?

Do you need help putting that on? — Kailangan mo ba ng tulong sa magsuot niyan?

Do you need help with the buttons? –Kailangan mo ba ng tulong sa butones?

Do you need help with the zipper? –Kailangan mo ba ng tulong sa siper?

It’s time to get dressed. Let’s get dressed. — Magbihis na tayo.

Shirt – Pantaas

Pants – Pantalon

Socks – Mga medyas

Dress – Bestida

Skirt – Palda

Jacket — Jacket

Hat — Sombrero

Underwear — Pang-ilalim

Sweater — Sweater

Shoes — Sapatos

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