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Learning & School

How does it feel? — Anong pakiramdam?

Is it ______? — Ba

That — ‘Yan? (short for iyan)

Is it soft?/Is that soft? — Malambot

Hard? — Matigas ba? / ‘yan?

Is it Sticky? — Malagkit ba? / ‘yan?

Is it Bumpy? — Magaspang ba? / ‘yan?

Is it Smooth? — Makinis ba? / ‘yan?

Is it Warm? –Mainit ba? / ‘yan?

Is it Cold? — Malamig ba? / ‘yan?

What do you hear? — Anong naririnig mo?

Is it loud or soft? — Malakas ba o mahina?

What does it smell like? — Anong amoy?

Does it smell good or stinky? — Mabango ba o mabaho?

Wow! You are learning how to …… (verb) — Galing! Natututo ka nang ……

Wow! You are learning how to …… (verb) (+2) — Galing! Natututo na kayong ……

That’s the color ……, right — Tama! Kulay …… ‘yan!

Can you say “……”? — Kaya mo bang magsabi ng “……”?

Correct! — Tama!

Let’s count while we wait. — Magbilang tayo habang naghihintay.

Let’s see what number we reach until it’s ready.— Tingnan natin kung saang numero tayo aabot.

Let’s read together. — Magbasa tayo ng libro.

Which book do you want to read? — Anong gusto mong basahin na libro?

What did you learn at school today? — Anong natutunan mo sa iskul ngayon?

Do you have homework today? — Meron ka bang assignment ngayon?

Do you have homework today?(+2) — Meron ba kayong assignment ngayon?

How was school? — Kamusta sa iskul?

Do you need help with your homework? — Kailangan mo ba ng tulong sa assignment mo?

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