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Learning Parts of the Body in Tagalog (Mga Parte ng Katawan)

Learning Parts of the body in Tagalog

We will be learning about the parts of the body in Tagalog for the next couple of weeks. Here is a modified “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” to kick off this unit. Watch, learn, and sing along with us!

  • We created printable flash cards that you and your child can use to learn the 24 parts of the body in Tagalog. It comes with picture flashcards and 3 sets of cards to play memory while practicing the body parts in Tagalog and English.


Make an easy reader Tagalog book of your child

What better way to teach your child about the parts of the body than with their own body? Incorporate your child in a Tagalog booklet with pictures of their body parts.

aking katawan booklet

Step 1: Print the “Aking Katawan (My Body)” Tagalog booklet (which can be found in our subscriber Tagalog Printables Resource library – Log in here if you are a subscriber or Sign up here for free

Step 2: Take pictures of the corresponding body parts in the booklet.

Step 3: Print or develop the pictures

Step 4: Glue the corresponding pictures on to the pages

Step 4: Your child can decorate the book with whatever medium they prefer (crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, stickers, etc.). We purposely left the design simple and basic to allow each child to make the booklet their own and put their own creative twist to it. So whether they just add a picture and leave it black and white, or add more detail, is completely up to him or her.

Step 5: Read, learn Tagalog for many of the body parts, and enjoy!


To make the book more durable and last longer, we decided to mount the pages on construction paper, laminate them, bind them, as shown below:

Body Parts in Tagalog Videos

Tagalog body parts

Additional Extension Activities

  • Play “Simon Says” and ask them to use their various body parts to do something or to touch the body parts (using the Tagalog word)
  • Trace an outline of your child’s body on a large butcher paper or using chalk outside on the pavement. Then have them label the body parts in Tagalog.
  • Watch this animated YouTube video (by Filipino for Kids) on the parts of the body in Tagalog

  • Here is a video (from Robie317) of “Sampung mga daliri” (10 Fingers).
  • Accompany this unit with the “Mga Bahagi ng Katawan” booklet from DinoLingo Tagalog. (DinoLingo provides language lesson resources with books, vocabulary cards, CD’s, DVD’s in various foreign languages). You can purchase single units on Amazon or head to the DinoLingo website for packages.

There will be another unit to come about additional parts of the body and more activities, so stay tuned ….

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