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Bulilit Kit: Oh My Kulay! (Colors, Fruits, & Vegetables in Tagalog)


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Share the Tagalog language with your child with the Bulilit Kit.

Bulilit, in Tagalog, means “small child.” The Bulilit Kit was created to offer opportunities for little ones to explore Tagalog vocabulary through Filipino children’s literature and play.

This kit’s theme is centered around colors, fruits, and vegetables in Tagalog. It includes several hands-on activities to promote early language development.

What’s included?

  • “Oh My Kulay!” Book (written by Joy Francisco & illustrated by Jamie Ortiz)
  • Paint Set & Brush
  • 3 Wooden Blocks (dice)
  • Assorted Fruit & Vegetable Wooden Shapes
  • 4 KULAY (Bingo) Cards & Buttons
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Fruits & Veggies Sticker Sorting Activity

This Kit Promotes:


  • Learning through play
  • Bilingual education
  • Literacy skills:
    • Print awareness
    • Reading & listening comprehension
    • Vocabulary
  • Identifying & Sorting Colors
  • Science: Primary Colors & Color Mixing
  • Health: Identifying Fruits & Vegetables

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