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WOLF/LOBO – Feelings in Tagalog Lesson Unit (Printed & Magnetic Version)


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Want the convenience of having the unit already printed & ready to go? We can send you the physical copy of this unit!

October is National Wellness Month. To celebrate, we have created a lesson unit to learn about feelings & emotions in Tagalog.

This Feelings unit includes:

  • Feelings wheel (printed & includes a brad to insert the arrow)
  • “My Feelings” (Damdamin Ko) Booklet (printed & ready for your child to write & draw on)
  • WOLF/LOBO Feelings Matching Activity (Printed magnets to be used on a metallic surface e.g. refrigerator, cake pan, etc.)

* We will prepare the materials & ship them straight to you!

The feelings wheel is a good tool to discuss how one is feeling each day. It has a moveable arrow to point to the corresponding feeling. A separate card is included that has several Tagalog phrases for feelings.

The “My Feelings” booklet is an opportunity for children to reflect on what they look like when they feel different emotions and what factors make them feel that way. It includes a mix of English, Taglish (Tagalog/English), and Tagalog words & phrases. The booklet is in black and white to allow children to color in and personalize for themselves. (Board book pictured below is not included. The book is called “Masaya Ako!” by Yasmin Doctor and is a wonderful supplement to the unit. It can be purchased online at Amazon or Arkipelago Books).

The Feelings Matching Activity is an engaging way for children to select which eyes and mouths correlate with the emotion.




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