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(GUTOM) Fruits & Veggies Tagalog Bingo


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Have fun learning and reviewing fruits and vegetables in Tagalog, with this engaging game of BINGO, (or as we are calling it, “GUTOM,” which translates to “hungry” in Tagalog).

It comes with:

  • 5¬†laminated GUTOM Bingo cards
  • A wooden die
  • 24 Fruits & Veggie Wooden Game pieces
  • Assorted Colorful Bingo Chips
  • A Plastic Jar (doubles up as a shaker for the game pieces and as storage for the pieces, chips, and dice)
  • Tagalog Reference Chart of the Fruits & Vegetables, to teach and reinforce the vocabulary

Hours of educational fun for the whole family!

$16, ships free in the U.S.