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Parts of the Body in Tagalog (Mga Parte Ng Katawan)




Learn about some of the parts of the body (mga parte ng katawan) with this unit activity.  It includes:

      • 12 vocabulary words with pictures and the word in Tagalog
      • a mini-booklet with sentences about the body parts and blank responses for your child to fill in
      • lyrics to the song: “Sampung mga daliri” (10 Fingers)


Additional Extension Activities

  • Play “Simon Says” and ask them to use their various body parts to do something or to touch the body parts (using the Tagalog word)
  • Trace an outline of your child’s body on a large butcher paper or using chalk outside on the pavement. Then have them label the body parts in Tagalog.
  • Watch this animated YouTube video (by Filipino for Kids) on the parts of the body in Tagalog

  • Hear the pronunciation of the Tagalog words in this video by Tagalog Made Easy 

There will be another unit to come about additional parts of the body and more activities, so stay tuned ….


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