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Tagalog Mother’s Day Writing Prompt & Craft


Here is an elementary writing prompt for kids to answer “I Love my Mommy/Grandma because  (Mahal ko ang aking ina /lola kasi …)

It introduces basic Tagalog vocabulary personality traits to describe your mom and/or grandma.

See below for more details and Tagalog audio for the vocabulary.






Mother’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate one kind of special hero in our lives – moms!

Moms work hard to take care of and raise their children and work to make a difference in our world.

Writing Prompt

Here is a primary level writing prompt and craft that acknowledges the special traits they display, while introducing some Tagalog vocabulary.

Tagalog Traits Flower Craft

Kids can create a flower using the petals which each list a Tagalog/English trait to describe mom or grandma. The petals will be cut out and assembled to form a flower. The picture may further be colored in and decorated by the child.

Tagalog Audio Glossary


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