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Hold on. — Teka lang.

Look both ways before we cross the street. — Tingnan mo muna ‘yong daan bago ka tumawid.

Do you see any cars coming? — May dadaan ba na kotse?

I see a car  coming. — May kotseng dadaan.

Let’s hold hands so we can be safe. — Hawak-kamay tayo para ligtas tayo.

Be careful. — Mag-ingat ka.

Don’t walk yet. — Huwag ka munang maglakad.

Don’t walk yet. (+2) — Huwag muna kayong maglakad.

Stay right here first. — Dito ka lang muna.

Stay right here first. (+2)– Dito lang muna kayo.

Hurry! — Dali!

Please wait for me. — Hintayin mo ako.

One moment please. — Saglit lang.

Just a little bit more. — Konti nalang.

That’s not for touching. — Hindi ‘yan puwedeng hawakan.

That is sharp. Ow! — Matulis ‘yan. Aray!

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