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Are you a parent of Filipino descent who either:

Do you ever wish you knew more Tagalog for your own self or to be able to share your ancestral language with your own children?

What's holding you back?

I get it. It can feel pretty intimidating trying to speak a language that is not in your native tongue. 

You may fear others will laugh at you or think you’re not “Filipino enough.”

Or on the flipside, maybe you are ready and confident enough to give it a shot, but just don’t know where to begin?

As busy parents, it can be challenging to find a program or resource that is: effective, engaging for the whole family, and easily accessible.

Did you know that parents are the most effective language teachers?

Our children learned how to speak from us, their parents. We didn’t need to teach formal grammar lessons to teach them their native language. We just did the natural act of speaking, daily, regularly. And they picked it up. 

I have been dreaming of creating a resource to help my own family and to share with the Fil-Am/Filipino community out there, for families with young children who are ready or are thinking about learning and implementing Tagalog in their daily lives with their kids, and who need accessibility at their fingertips.

I want to help YOU, the busy parent, like myself, to have the resources to learn Tagalog phrases at your own pace, at your own convenience, and have it tailored to include everyday language.

I know there are Tagalog programs, books, and YouTube videos out there to teach Tagalog, but many times the content is very broad. It can include a wide range of topics. But maybe only a small section would be relevant to a parent’s daily experience.

When it comes to learning, we usually retain what is most relevant and significant to us right now. Therefore, I wanted to have content specifically targeted for parents of young children  to learn vocabulary and conversational phrases that can be a part of regulary conversation between parents and children. Because this is our everyday life.

To work towards learning Tagalog as a family, we have created “Sama-Sama: Learning Tagalog Together.” In Tagalog, “sama-sama” means “together.” We want to provide a space filled with resources for both parents and children to learn Tagalog together and alongside each other.

What is Sama-Sama?

Sama-Sama has two main components:

  • Everyday Tagalog for Parents – In collaboration with a native Tagalog speaker, we created this membership library of Tagalog phrases for parents of young children to use on a routine basis. It includes many common phrases that you may use on a regular basis. 
  • ANAK-tivities – To pair with the Tagalog phrases for parents, we are adding on lesson activities and printables that are geared for children from preschool to elementary.

1. For the parents ...

2. For the kids ...

Components of the Member Library:

Themed phrases

Phrases are grouped by concept. Some examples include family, mealtime, getting dressed, playtime, and going out.

english to tagalog translations from a native speaker

Phrases are available to members and will continually be added.

audio playlists of tagalog phrases

Top-quality recorded Tagalog phrases done by a native Filipina speaker.

Printable Resources & Activities

Thematic lesson printables including phrase sheets, flash cards and activities to download and/or print.

What it is:

What it is NOT:

Why Choose this Program?

Parents are the first and primary language teachers for their children. Parents communicate with them from the very beginning and children pick up the vocabulary and nuances of the sounds naturally. It is a natural process. No formal grammar lessons or breakdown of sentence structure. Think about it— we do not typically sit down with our toddler and explain how nouns and verbs are placed in sentences. They learned through the repetition and exposure and hearing how words are strung together. 

That is not to say the rules of sentence structure are not important. That can come with deeper academic learning. But for the purposes of learning and introducing some basic vocabulary and phrases, this is a good starting point and foundation to be using Tagalog that is relevant to your family.

Sama-Sama is a way for you to pick up words and phrases to implement regularly and that are meaningful to the context of your daily life.

What makes this program unique as well is that it is a collection of Tagalog phrases that parents may use with their young children. They are grouped by theme and geared for parents with children ranging from toddler through elementary age. (However, this would work just as well for expectant parents or parents with babies because we do talk to our babies from the get go and it doesn’t hurt to get a jumpstart).

Below is a video sneak peek the Everyday Tagalog for Parents member area.

Ready to start implementing Tagalog in your home?

Are you ready to learn Tagalog with your family and implement it today? Are you ready to improve your Tagalog so that you can help pass on the language to your own children and to help be a part of the movement for Tagalog to continue for future generations?

Choose the package that best suits your needs:

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Per month

The "Handaan" Package (Feast-Sized)


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The "Piyesta" Package (Fiesta)


lifetime access

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Frequently asked questions

It’s never too early to speak to your child, as we naturally communicate to babies. If you are an expectant parent, you can even get a head start to prepare yourself. Overall, the context for many of the phrases so far in Everday Tagalog for Parents would be toddler through upper elementary. You can apply the phrases that are most suitable for their language and comprehension level. 

 Some of the themes to look forward to include daily greetings, meal time, going out, bedtime routines, clean-up, feelings, and much more! The main goal is to include phrases that are applicable to the context of parenting life. 

We have a 10-day money back guarantee. If you join and find the content isn’t suitable for you, you can contact us at hello@filamlearners.com to get a full refund. You are welcome to review our Terms and Conditions policy here.

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