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School Words in Tagalog

It’s Back to School season! We are starting a unit to learn about school-themed vocabulary words to kick off our season returning to school.

Activity 1: School Tagalog Pictionary

Our first activity for this unit is School Pictionary in Tagalog/English. It includes 18 pictured vocabulary cards to cut out. They can be used as flash cards to learn and review the words first. Then the cards can be used in an exciting game of Tagalog Pictionary.


First, access the printable cards here to download and print.

Cut out the vocabulary cards.

Review the words.

Place the cards in a container in which the other player(s) cannot see the card you are pulling.

Have a large poster paper or whiteboard.

Players can take turns being the one drawing the image, while the other player or players try to guess the word using the Tagalog vocabulary for it.

Ready for a fun game of Tagalog Pictionary? Head over here to access your printable.

Activity 2: Tagalog Memory Game: School-Themed Words

Using the same vocabulary words from activity 1 (Tagalog Pictionary), we have created cards to play Memory or a matching game. There is one set of picture cards and another set of just the Tagalog word for the picture.

Flip the cards over face down on a flat surface. Then choose a card from the picture pile and a card from the vocabulary word pile to see if you can make a match.

If you make a match, you can have another turn. If not, it will be someone else’s turn (If you are playing with other players).

It is a great test of memory and also a way to review Tagalog vocabulary for school-themed words. 

Click here to access this printable!

Tagalog audio glossary

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