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Here is a list of various Tagalog resources that teach culture to families with young children. It is a growing list so if you know of a resource not listed here yet, feel free to message us and we can add it to the list.

Teaching children a new language can have its challenges. There are a variety of reasons that make it a daunting task. It can be finding enough time in the day or not knowing where to begin. Not knowing the language well enough ourselves is also intimidating. So, before you delve into the resources below, here are 7 Tips on Raising Bilingual-Filipino Speaking Children: Even If You Don’t Speak the Language (a blog post from Roanne of Kalamansi Juice)

Educational Websites/Blogs

  • Samut-Samot is an educational website offering so many quality, free worksheets for Filipino kids. This wonderful site is managed by a former teacher and homeschooling Filipina mom.
  • The Filipino Homeschooler is a blog filled with educational downloadable worksheets. It includes the various core school subjects and also includes Filipino worksheets.
  • Read Filipino – offers ways to incorporate Filipino languages (including Tagalog, Ilokano, and Cebuano) in daily activities. They share book reviews and great giveaways!
  • The Tagalog Project – Join Filipina mama, Clarice, and her toddler, as they share Tagalog words, phrases, and cultural tidbits. They are hoping to spread the #filipinolanguagemovement
  • 1020 Press – A team of Filipina moms created a Philippine travel guide and activity kit for kids to teach about travel, geography, and Filipino cultural games.
  • DinoLingo – They offer products for children to teach various languages, including Tagalog. It includes songs, games, audiobooks, CD’s, DVD’s, flash cards, and worksheets.

Videos & Shows

  • Jelly, Ben, & Pogo– NEW! PBS Kids now has animated shorts featuring Filipino kids, Jelly & Ben, and their friend Pogo. These adorable episodes showcase Filipino culture in short, fun stories.

YouTube channels

  • Pinoy Babies and Kids Channel creates lively and well-produced Tagalog preschool songs.
  • Flexy Bear– shares popular nursery rhymes and songs for children in Tagalog
  • Magicbox Filipino tells popular children’s fairy tales, fables, and bedtime stories in Tagalog.
  • Pambata TV shares several playlists of Filipino children’s songs including popular kid’s songs, nursery rhymes, and Tagalog stories.
  • Robie 317 publishes animated Tagalog nursery rhymes
  • Filipino for Kids has animated videos to introduce basic Tagalog words and sentences

Book Resources

  • Tahanan Books – Has a wide variety of Filipino books (in English, Tagalog, and bilingual books). They have a location in Manila, Philippines and in Seattle, so you can order online from the Philippines, in the U.S., and Canada.
  • Little Yellow Jeepney – Dr. Jocelyn Francisco has created three children’s picture concept books so far: Little Yellow Jeepney, Oh My Kulay! (Colors, Fuits, & Veggies in Filipino), and Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo … ito ay obalo! (Numbers and Shapes in Filipino).
  • Philip & Ana – Established in 2016 to share a love for learning with books on Filipino culture.
  • Philippine Expressions Bookshop – Located in San Pedro, CA. They sell a wide variety of books for Filipino Americans in search of their roots.
  • Arkipelago – A bookstore located in San Francisco, CA, sharing Filipino books and culture

Filipino & Tagalog Schools in the U.S.

  • The Filipino School – San Diego, CA. Offers Conversational Filipino and cultural Filipino courses. (in-person and online)
  • Tagalog Kids – Offers elementary and intermediate Tagalog classes online for kids. They have recently added adult classes as well.
  • Suyo Mano – Offers Filipino language, culture, and history classes online for kids through adults.
  • Filipino Cultural School – Norwalk, CA. They teach traditional and cultural Filipino dances to students in grade 6 to college.
  • SamaSama Cooperative – San Francisco Bay Area, CA. “Sama” means together in Tagalog. The Sama Sama Cooperative is a cooperative-run camp for ages 5-11 for families to come together to learn Tagalog, culture, and ecology.
  • The Filipino Language & Cultural School – Jacksonville, FL. Offering Tagalog classes for both children and adults. They also teach cooking classes to learn Filipino recipes and Filipino cultural dances.
  • The Filipino School of New York & New Jersey – They teach art, language, and culture. The school offers two children’s language and cultural programs and two adult language programs.
  • Katipunan Filipino Cultural School – Maryland. The school provides courses on history, pop & culture, fashion & traditional dress, and food.
  • Tagalog With Kirby – offers online Tagalog programs and you can request for an in-person workshop for your school and company
  • Kabataan Culture – Online & In-Person Tagalog Classes for ages 4-12 years old.
  • Kamusta Kids – Virtual Filipino Language classes for kids ages 4-11 – DM @kamustakids

Educational Apps

  • Gus on the Go (Tagalog) – A child-friendly app that has animated pictures and games to teach Tagalog vocabulary words by category including food, vehicles, animals, and more. (This one is a particular favorite of our kids)
  • Mango Languages – An interactive self-paced app that teaches vocabulary, pronunciation, basic grammar, and conversational Tagalog.
  • Abakada – This app teaches the Filipino alphabet. It is recommended for children 8 years old and younger.