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Are you ready to start learning and using Tagalog with your family? This Tagalog Starter Kit will provide you with the tools and resources you need to seamlessly speak Tagalog in the context of your family routines within the next 4 weeks.

There is no one way to implement this. As long as you are committed to trying, to learning, and to having fun with it each week. Feel free to contact me for questions, support, and encouragement.


When we start any new habit, we have more success when we:

  • Start small & make it achievable
  • Are intentional to plug in the habit during a specific time and/or place
  • When we set up our environment with visual reminders
  • Make it enjoyable

In this challenge, we will start small by adding just 1 to 2 phrases each week. If it feels more attainable to you, start with just 1 phrase for each of the next 4 weeks. Or if you feel ready to add a 2nd phrase, start with 1 phrase at the start of the week, and add the 2nd phrase mid-week. The ultimate goal is to add on to and build on the phrases each week. The important thing is to go at the pace that works for YOU!

Each of the 8 phrases will pertain to a certain part of  a parent’s daily routine. Instead of using the English phrase, replace what you would typically say in English with the Tagalog phrase. 

For those of you who are using Tagalog for the first time or those who know some Tagalog but haven’t spoken much with your family, it’s okay if your words and enunciation are not perfect. Imagine when babies and toddlers learn to speak early on. We typically do not press hard on their grammar nor do we expect all of their sounds to be on point. I know many of us can also feel self-conscious of pronounciation and accent. But if we allow our insecurity to stop us from moving forward in giving ourselves and our children the opportunity to learn a language, then we will never learn. Instead, let’s cheer each other on and applaud the same effort for trying our best. The more we practice, the more it will feel natural. The goal of this Tagalog Starter Kit is NOT to be an expert or a native speaker in Tagalog. The goal is to learn basic phrases and to be able to share a piece of the language and culture with our family. 


You don’t need to be a fluent speaker in Tagalog to teach your children Tagalog. You can learn alongside them. A conducive learning environment and helpful tools can support you along the way. Having reminders on a calendar (paper or digital), posting up sticky notes, hanging up signs are great ways to immerse our environment with visual cues to act as reminders of our habits. To help you set up an environment with visual cues, I will provide you with a Goal sheet (below) and flashcards (in the upcoming weeks). To use the Tagalog Phrase Goals Sheet, you can write down the 1 or 2 provided phrases as a visual reminder. The physical act of writing is known to help people better remember the information.

Download the printable Phrase Goal planner below. 

Now that you’ve read some tips and have your Phrase Goal sheet to get started, let’s go to the next step to see the first week’s phrases.