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This week we will incorporate phrases that apply to two routines that all children do: eat and play. 

Below are the first 2 phrases of the Starter Kit. Start with the phrase you would most likely use more often. Jot down one or both phrases in your Tagalog Phrase Goal Sheet. Listen to each phrase as many times as you need and practice them aloud. When you are ready to use the phrase with your family, let them know you will be starting to use Tagalog more in hopes to learn together as a family. Say the phrase aloud and tell them its meaning.  Encourage them to repeat after you and say it together. At each meal and at each playtime, it will gradually feel more natural the more you practice. 


Let's eat.

Kain na tayo.

Let's play.

Laro tayo.

Try your best and have fun with it! You are off to a great start!

Remember to check your inbox in a week for the next set of phrases.