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This week we are introducing two phrases for getting ready and going out. 

I am also introducing a phrase that has a plural variation when speaking to more than one person. Most of the phrases can be applied whether you are speaking to one person or to many. Sometimes there are phrases that have a variation and will be noted with a (+2). This means if you are speaking to more than one person at the same time, use the phrase listed next to (+2).


Please get ready.

Maghanda ka na.

Plug 1 or both phrases in your Tagalog Phrase Goals sheet and continue building on last week’s phrases. 

Bonus Activity:

We have found that music and movement are wonderful ways to reinforce learning vocabulary. Check out our growing post of Filipino Children’s Songs + Lyrics and try learning a song or two this week with your child.

Hooray! You're halfway through the Tagalog Starter Kit!

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Need a refresher? Feel free to check back on Week 1 to review last week’s phrases.