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New week! You’ve made it past the halfway point. This week we are introducing one phrase you can use during clean up time. The second phrase is good for moments when you would like to offer help to your child(children). 

Just like in Week 2, I have included a phrase with a plural variation (+2). In this phrase, all of the words are the same, except for one (“mo” becomes “niyo.”). “Mo” is singular and “Niyo” is plural. The audio for the plural phrase is “niyo” alone since the rest of the phrase is the same. 

Week 3 Phrases

It's time to clean up.

Kailangan nang maglinis.

Do you need some help?

Kailangan mo ba ng tulong?

(+2) Kailangan niyo ba ng tulong?

Plug 1 or both phrases in your Tagalog Phrase Goals sheet and continue building on Week 1 and Week 2’s phrases.

Yes! You've spoken Tagalog for 3 weeks!

What has been successful? What challenges have you faced? I'd love to hear your insight hello@filamlearners.com or DM me on Instagram @filamlearners.

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Next week, we will tie everything together and wrap up the Starter Kit.

Want to review the phrases?

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