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Week 4! A virtual high five to you and your family for speaking Tagalog for the past three weeks.

This is the last week of the Tagalog Starter Kit. Since we are wrapping up, I found it fitting to share two phrases that can be said when winding down your day. 

Week 4 Phrases

How was your day?

Kamusta na 'yong araw mo?

(+2) Kamusta na 'yong araw niyo?


Let's go to sleep.

A Resource to Help you Review:

As we wrap up our 4 weeks, I have included flashcards for all 8 phrases from the Tagalog Starter Kit. Feel free to cut them apart to be used as cards, hang them up around the house in locations that pertain to the topic OR print it as a one-page poster and post it in one central visible location. Download the printable below.

Yay! You have introduced Tagalog in your home for the past 4 weeks.

Building a new habit takes time, and just because the 4-week Tagalog Starter Kit is concluding, this does not mean language learning ends here. In fact, this is just the beginning. I hope that this month has helped you jumpstart the the use of Tagalog in your home. Keep the momentum going and continue to review the phrases and add more. Feel free to go to back to the weeks below if you would like to review.

Want to keep the momentum going?

The Tagalog Starter Kit is a small taste of the phrases and vocabulary that you learn and use. If you found the Tagalog phrases useful, and want to continue your journey learning and speaking Tagalog with your children and family, Everyday Tagalog for Parents may the key to furthering your pursuit. 

Everyday Tagalog for Parents provides you with the tools you need to learn Tagalog phrases that apply to a typical parent’s daily routine. It is a growing membership library with hundreds of phrases and accompanying flash cards and guides. If you have gotten to this point, it is clear that your goal is to learn and share the Tagalog language with your family. If you’re curious to learn more about how you can keep strengthening your language goals, check out Everyday Tagalog for Parents below.