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What’s the weather like today? — Anong lagay ng panahon ngayon?

Does it feel hot? — Mainit ba?

Does it feel cold? — Malamig ba?

Is it raining? — Umuulan ba?

I feel hot! — Naiinitan ako.

It is cold today! I feel cold! — Malamig ngayon! Nilalamig ako.

Wow! It’s raining hard! — Grabe! Ang lakas ng ulan!

Can you hear the raindrops? — Naririnig mo ba ‘yong ulan?

It looks windy outside. — Mukhang mahangin sa labas.

I hear thunder. Did you hear it too? It’s loud! — May naririnig akong kulog. Narinig mo rin ba? Ang lakas!

Wow! A flash of lightning! — Grabe! May kidlat!

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