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We share helpful resources and lesson activities to help your family learn more about Filipino culture, customs, and Tagalog language. 

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Featured Book: The Quarreling Kites

Since we are celebrating Father’s Day in June, we are featuring the Filipino children’s book, The Quarreling Kitesa story showing the intertwining relationships between a father and son bonding through flying kites and the progression of the relationship between rivaling kites. Go to the post here to learn about this Palanca award-winning book and some supplemental activities we share.  We are introducing some kite and sky-related Tagalog words to go along with the book’s topic. 

Parts of the Body in Tagalog

We are reviewing the parts of the body in Tagalog. Want to learn along with us? Go to the “Learning Body Parts in Tagalog” blog post to find resources. We also have printables for you:

Aking Katawan (My Body) booklet – Teaches 18 body parts in Tagalog in simple sentences and allows your child to use his/her own photos to make learning more meaningful. (FREE in our subscriber Tagalog Printables Resource Library – Subscribers Sign in here OR Sign up here if you aren’t yet a member)

Want to play a card game while learning Tagalog parts of the body? Here are printable picture/vocabulary cards for 24 body parts in Tagalog. They can be used flash cards, matching, and a game of Memory. 

Tagalog Memory Game: Parts of the Body (Mga Parte Ng Katawan)

Fil-Am Features This Month:


We are featuring TWO Filipina women this month! It’s a BIG month for these two so we just couldn’t resist highlighting them both this month. One is Ria Pretekin, educator, counselor, and coach, and blogger @urbanohana. Read her story & find out about her upcoming event this month here.

Our other Feature for this month is cultural blogger and entrepreneur, Sunday Garcia! She will be launching an apparel line promoting Filipino and Filipino American culture later this month! Learn more about her story and her upcoming apparel launch here.

free tagalog printables resource library

We created a resource library of our FREE printables for subscribers. Come join us in our journey to learn more Tagalog and access our Tagalog Printable Resource Library! Sign up here

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