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Teaching Family Members in Tagalog

pamilya dolls

Family is very important to the Filipino culture. Learning the names of the family members is something we innately taught the kids as we addressed them as “Ate” or “Kuya,” “Lola,” “Tita,” or “Tito.” Here is a printable with Tagalog vocabulary words for immediate family members along with a fun puppet activity to practice.

Tagalog Audio Glossary (Family Members)

Ako (I)

Ina (mom)

Ama (dad)

Ate (big sister)

Kuya (big brother)

Lolo (grandpa)

Lola (grandma)

Sanggol (baby)

Tito (Uncle)

Tita (Aunt)

Pinsan (Cousin)

“Sino ‘Yan?” Game

Print or develop pictures of family members and glue them onto construction paper, index cards, or cardstock. On the back, glue the printed vocabulary card from the printable. Play a game to ask, “sino ‘yan?” (who’s that) or “sino ito?” (who’s this?) and have the child identify the correct name using Tagalog.

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