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Teaching Family Members in Tagalog

Family is very important in Filipino culture. Learning the names of the family members is something we pick up early on in life.

In Filipino culture, a sense of respect is also embraced when addressing other family members, especially to our elders, like our parents (magulang), Grandpa (Lolo), or Grandma (Lola). It is common to add “Ate” (older sister), or “Kuya” (older brother), “Tita” (aunt), or “Tito”(uncle) in front of a family member’s name.

Below is a printable with the lyrics to the Tagalog song “Pamilyang Daliri” (“Family Finger”). There is an additional sheet to make finger puppets to go along with the song or to make additional family members for fun.  


Below are videos with 2 different versions of the Family Finger Song in Tagalog so you can listen and follow along. 

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