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Teaching Articles of Clothing in Tagalog

This dress-up activity is a fun way to teach articles of clothing in Tagalog. Your kids can color and design the clothes how they want and cut them out to dress up the included “doll.” It is a blank doll so your child/student can choose whoever they would like to dress up, whether it’s themselves or another person or character.

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Additional Activities:

  • When doing laundry, practice naming the articles of clothing in Tagalog.
  • When selecting an outfit for the day, ask your child to list the clothes he/she will wear in Tagalog.

Bonus Activity for Tagalog Tuesday Tribe

For subscribers to our Tagalog Tuesday tribe, you will get an additional bonus activity to practice clothes in Tagalog. Not yet a part of our tribe? Come along and join us to get more weekly freebies and educational resources!

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